Students who are interested in the following opportunities should contact Dr. Zhan Zhao ( with a CV and potential research ideas or proposals.

Ph.D./M.Phil. Students

Dr. Zhan Zhao at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) is inviting prospective PhD/MPhil students who are interested in urban data science or related areas to join his research group. Potential research topics include, but not limited to, human mobility modeling, network science, shared mobility on demand systems, spatiotemporal data mining, social computing and urban AI. Strong candidates are expected to have

Students who are interested in pursuing full-time PhD/MPhil studies at HKU are encouraged to apply for a variety of scholarships. HKU and HK government offer very generous scholarship packages (up to around HK$400,000 per year) to top candidates. The annual application deadline is typically around December 1, but the prestigious HKU Presidential Fellowship can be applied all year around. Those who are interested can find more information about scholarship and funding opportunities.

Note that, for applicants to Department of Urban Planning and Design (under Faculty of Architecture), a research proposal will be needed. So please prepare accordingly. If the topic is relevant, Dr. Zhao is happy to provide comments.

Research Assistant (RA)

Part-time or full-time RA positions are available. The requirement for RA is similar to PhD/MPhil. Typically the contract is for 6 months to 1 year with potential for renewal. The position is well suited for students or junior scholars who are interested in accumulating research experience and pursuing a career in research.

Post-Doctoral Fellow (PDF)

PDF opportunities are also available for highly qualified candidates (with PhD degrees). Strong technical skills (in machine learning, optimization, simulation, etc.), proven publication track records, and project management experience are preferred. The best candidates may consider the RGC Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme and HKU Presidential Post-doctoral Fellowship. Please contact Dr. Zhao for more details.